Carl Henning

Sign Language

Drove all day and still not out of Texas. Some observations of signs along the way:

In Texas the signs say “Bridge may ice in cold weather.” Other states say “Bridge may ice before roadway.” These sign appear before EVERY BRIDGE. Because drivers are too stupid to remember this. Actually that may be the real reason since I have information for many drivers seen today: when you are in the passing lane and the truck is in the right hand lane, YOU HAVE TO DRIVE FASTER THAN THE TRUCK! Otherwise, it’s not passing, it’s impeding.

Exit not taken today: Iraan. Didn’t think the mullahs would want to see Americans.
Really though, it was named for Ira and Ann Yates who donated some of their ranch land for the town during the 1926 oil boom. “It is the second largest city in the second largest county in the second largest state.”

Stopped for gas at a Buc-ees in Texas. They are described as convenience stores. Right. Convenience stores with 64 gas pumps and no trucks allowed. The store had all kinds of different foods. Kay liked the kolaches; I liked the chocolate chunk cookies; we both loved the fudge. They also had all kinds of hunting supplies including the bucket that connects to a hose and automatically descales fish, defeathers game birds, and more.

Spending the night in Van Horn, Texas. Things to see in Van Horn, Texas : I-10.

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