Carl Henning

No Thing

This trip we’ve paid a lot of attention to the blue signs preceding exits. You know the ones I mean; they have information on services available at the exit: gas, food, and lodging. In Las Cruces, NM there was an exit for Motel Drive. But the blue sign for lodging had no motels listed.

BTW, more than the blue signs, I use iExit, an iPhone app which includes distance from the exit, directions, ratings, and gas process.

In southern Arizona there is a famous landmark stop: The Thing? Signs start many miles away in New Mexico, but there don’t seem to be as many as there used to be. Although we’ve been there before, we stopped again. There was good news and bad news there. The access to The Thing was closed for remodeling – the bad news. The good news – even though the front of the Dairy Queen was fenced off with construction fencing, the DQ was still open!

Although billboards advertise The Thing as a mystery of the desert, we knew what it really is – a work of art. The Arizona Republic published an article about the artist. He’s most famous for his paper mache shrunken heads.

Home again… and that completes our Great East Coast Road Trip.

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