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Not Travel

With no travel for several weeks yet, I have time to update some of the other aspects of my website. Oh, yeah, the fact that I’m officially and well and truly retired now allows time as well.

I’m retired for less than a week and finding it odd to not get lots of email – no requests for information or help, no product and application newsletters from PI North America members, no newsletters from the trade magazines, no articles for PROFINEWS… actually no lots of things. I’ll miss the people and teaching about PROFINET. I PROFIblogged my farewell to work as The Next Chapter.

Instead, I have time to go to the gym or walk the mall like an old person. Saw a couple movies – matinees. Concentrated my doctor and dentist appointments to get them out of the way before hitting the road again. Enjoying baseball games – on TV and in person, even the day games. I’ve been doing some Bible study and have a fill-in preaching gig in November. And I can continue to blog here.

Today I’ve added the first of my non-travel related photo galleries and continued with updates to the Postcards section. You can access both of these from the main menu.

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