Carl Henning

The Great East Coast Road Trip

Kay and I are on our way to Tybee Island, GA for the memorial service for Jackie, an old family friend. I’m “officiating” but in this case, it is very brief. When I officiated at Jackie’s mom’s funeral thirty some years ago, it was a regular funeral. This service for Jackie is in keeping with her uniqueness.

We’re taking a northern route out and a southern route back. Taking the scenic route north out of Phoenix we passed through Payson (dinner at Wendy’s) and Holbrook. In Holbrook, we joined I-40 but not before picking up some last-minute supplies at Safeway. As it happens Safeway is across the street from the famous Wigwam Motel. You might have seen it animated in Cars. Alas, we did not stay here as we had miles to go before we sleep.

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