Carl Henning

Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead

After our night in Beatty, NV we had breakfast at Denny’s. Good food and great service but… it was in the back of a small casino so we had to hold our breath to get there. Even though they were proud of their smoke removal devices. Then to the Beatty Museum. Small and under remodel. It might be nice when it’s done. Out front was a 1939 Farmall Tractor. It looked just like the one Kay’s dad had.

Where to go next? Kay remembered going to Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas as an outing from a Wonderware event in about 2001. Since I was working, I missed it. She wanted me to see the desert tortoises they had there. Alas, desert tortoises can sleep in their burrows when it’s hot… sleep for days. We saw their burrows, but not them. Pretty canyon though. And even if Pink Jeep Tours are there, it’s no Sedona.

Lunch at Arby’s where we decided that what to do next was head for home. Google Maps app insisted that the most direct route was closed and we would have to go through the Lake Mead National Recreation area. After we got home Kay saw a TV news segment wondering why google did this since the road was not closed. Anyway, we got to use our Senior Pass again to waive the fee and take some photos.

The two largest cities in the USA without direct interstate highway access are Phoenix and Las Vegas. Congress has corrected that by designating the Future Interstate 11 Corridor. We drove the corridor home; ok, it was just US Route 93 now. But someday…

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