Carl Henning

The Exit Not Taken – Part 2

More exits not taken and one taken twice.

Not taken: Exit 880 on westbound I-10 in Texas, Texas Welcome Center. Yes, there are over 880 miles of I-10 in Texas. It’s a long way to El Paso. We would have taken this, but the Welcome Center was closed. Disappointed, we drove on. A few minutes later Jeff texted us wondering is the Welcome Center was still flooded. (Coincidence or are we being tracked?) The water had mostly receded, but the damage had been done. For miles afterwards we could see piles of hurricane-damaged household goods in front of houses.

Hankering for more Buckeyes from Cracker Barrel, we saw their sign high ahead. So we got off. It was on the south side so we did a U-turn to the south side access road. But I missed the entrance. Round we go again. This time turned in in time. But the parking area did not go through to the Cracker Barrel which, as it turns out, is on the main road south of the freeway, not on the access road. We gave up.

For 50 miles there were signs for Stuckey’s. I was a skeptic although the signs looked new. Sure enough, there was a new, beautiful Stuckey’s. That we drove right by. But we made it to Tod’s in time for lunch with him and Mark’s baseball game at 6:00pm.

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