Carl Henning

The Caverns of Sonora

Having concluded our visit to Fort Stockton with lunch… Peanut Buster Parfait at Dairy Queen (there is no shortage of Dairy Queens in Texas), we decided where to go next. Having picked up a brochure at the Fort Stockton visitor center for The Caverns of Sonora, that became our destination. Kay read the part about the tour having 360 steps and 100% humidity and decided to spend time in the gift shop instead. Until reaching lower levels, the scenery was kind of plain. Then we hit the living stalactites and stalagmites and more. The guide said there were lots of caverns in the area, but the ranchers deny access. New ones are “discovered” when the oil well drill breaks through.

No Marriott hotels in Sonora. But there is a Best Western and I’m in their top reward category (since they matched my Marriott status). So, not a Marriott, but clean. And the nearby Sutton County Steak House served a great steak,

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