Carl Henning

Fort Stockton

When there’s a sign that says “Museum” I’m always intrigued. Having frequently passed a sign on I10 near Fort Stockton that says “Annie Riggs Museum” I finally decided it was time. Especially since we needed to stop for the night and there was a new Fairfield Inn in Fort Stockton.

I bet Fort Stockton is typical of west Texas towns. Originally the local spring served wandering tribes, then a town grew (fort, county seat, stage stop, and eventually train depot), followed by the oil boom. I was impressed by the interest in keeping their history visible.

Welcome to Fort Stockton:


Annie Riggs Museum and environs:

Of course there was a fort called Fort Stockton. It reminded me of Fort Verde in Arizona because there were no palisades. Western movies gave a mistaken notion about what a fort looked like.


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