Carl Henning

The Briscoe Western Art Museum

San Antonio, Texas is famous for The Alamo and its River Walk. The Alamo we remember. It was a mission that was the site of a battle for the independence of the Republic of Texas from Mexico. Lots of Americans joined the fight, including Davy Crocket. (Having worn a Davy Crockett coonskin cap in my youth, I always sing – to myself – about him. You can listen to the official version here.) The vastly outnumbered Texans lost the battle but won the war.

Anyway, along the River Walk is The Briscoe Western Art Museum. It features Western art and artifacts and a little about the Alamo.

*Post from our visit to the site of the battle of the Little Bighorn.

**See Susanna Dickinson‘s Wikipedia page for interesting details.

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