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Savannah History

We like to discover the history of places we visit. In Savannah, we went to The Savannah History Museum which is adjacent to the visitor center. The folks at the visitor center were very friendly and helpful. They recommended two places for lunch and we wound up back in the area the next day to hit the second one. First one was The Distillery; second one, the Crystal Beer Parlor (I see a theme here). Lunch was excellent in both.

Georgia began in Savannah where the first inhabitants were carefully chosen. Except for the Indian Chief who welcomed them. Except for the ship of Jewish settlers that arrived and their physician saved many. (They decided to allow Jews after that.) Slavery was forbidden.

The first crop was not cotton, but rice. They wound up importing slaves from Africa who were experienced with growing rice in Africa. So much for forbidding slavery. I did not realize that rice was grown either place.

For a more modern important fact: Forrest Gump was filmed in a park there. The film company donated one of the three park benches used to the museum.

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We also visited the nearby Georgia State Railroad Museum! And returned the next day with Jeff. So pictures tomorrow.

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