Carl Henning

Free Dashcam

I’ve been wanting a dashcam for a while now. I feel the need to capture the animals and crazy drivers. I ordered a $300 dashcam from Amazon then decided that was too expensive and returned it.

I realized I had an old iPhone laying around (6+). I downloaded a couple dashcam apps before settling on Driver. It’s free. Mounting it was not free though. I spent under $20 for the mount. There were cheaper options but suction cups don’t do well in the Arizona heat. So I used a mirror mount.

There are two downsides to this arrangement:

  1. The mount tends to vibrate if not thoroughly tightened.
  2. I wish the display would blank out after a while to save battery life and annoyance. Although I’ll keep it plugged in on long trips.


Links: Dash Cam Mirror Mount Kit       Ailun Tripod Phone Mount Holder Head

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