Carl Henning

Amerind, The Thing, Dinos, Recycled Roadrunner

On the way to Texas we stopped at the Amerind Museum in Dragoon, AZ. (It’s at the exit right before The Thing.) For being in the middle of nowhere, it was a great museum and art gallery. Pottery from many cultures and many eras. Jewelry from Navajo and Zuni silversmiths. History of the various cultures. Unfortunately, no pictures allowed inside. So instead I took a picture of the doors to the art gallery.

We decided to drive to downtown Dragoon which has a church and post office, period. But on the way we passed Rattlesnake Ranch with many dinosaur sculptures and some Indian sculptures.

Every time we pass through Las Cruces, NM we notice the giant roadrunner beside the road and every time we say that we should stop and get a picture of it. We finally did. Turns out it’s junk – literally, it was made at the dump in 1992 out of “recycled” parts. It was moved to the rest area beside I-10 in 2014.

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