Carl Henning

El Morro

No Chaco for me!

Chaco Canyon access roads were inaccessible from the south due to the rainy weather so we made other plans: a pueblo and two national monuments.

First stop Zuni Pueblo with over 10,000 residents, the largest pueblo and the most true-to-its-roots they say. It was not very photogenic and I did not buy the $10 photography permit. Signs reminded me not to photograph their religious events, but there weren’t any today. So no photos. We did help the local economy by buying a few gift items though.

So on to El Morro National Monument, a prominent cliff with a water hole at its base. It was a popular stop for prehistoric peoples, Spanish, US Army, and other travelers. They satisfied their thirst, then carved their names into the cliff. The park service removed all the carving from 1906 onward when it became a national monument.

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