Carl Henning

A Photo Study of Nothing

“Nothing” as in a hole… in a rock… or a window in a rock: Window Rock.  Located in the national capital of the Navajo Nation, Window Rock on the Arizona side of the Arizona/New Mexico border.

We changed time zones to reach the rez; they’re on Mountain Daylight time, an hour later than the rest of Arizona. The Navajo reservation surrounds the Hopi reservation, but they stay on Mountain Standard time like the rest of Arizona. Knowing all that, I knew we would have time to first visit the Navajo Museum because their internet page said the close at 6:00pm. Except they decided to close at 5:00pm today. We had an exciting 10 minute visit to the museum and gift shop. Due the poor selection of books in the gift shop I escaped without buying a book there.

Anyway, here’s Window Rock, the rock, not the town of Window Rock:

There has been reference to the Navajo Code Talkers everywhere up here. I’m sure we will find more before this part of our trip ends.

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