Carl Henning

World Series 2017

In my quest to visit all Major League ballparks, I notched one more, my twelfth: World Series game one, Astros at Dodgers.

Air travel with frequent flyer miles, hotel with points, World Series ticket with cash. <sigh> Two out of three ain’t bad. Sharing the experience with youngest son and two grandsons, priceless.

Upgraded room at the Residence Inn was advertised to have a view of the LAX runway. It was surprisingly quiet.

After a longer-than-expected Uber ride… oh, wait, LA traffic is always like this; it’s not just the World Series. Anyway, got there in time for Astros batting practice:

We ate hot dogs (of course) before the game and the boys also ate hot dogs during the game. Then after the game they were hungry again. Growing boys. It was a short ride back to the hotel after a long wait getting the Uber app to connect.

Astros lost. 🙁 In shortest World Series game in decades. We just need to win the next four!

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