Carl Henning

Wolves and Grizzly

So here’s a funny story. We stopped in Yellowstone where a crowd had gathered with their binoculars and scopes. Bill had both binoculars and a scope. So we were able to see a watering hole where wolves had gathered and then gone up the hill. This was maybe 600-800 yards away. I saw two wolves through Bill’s scope. On the hillside there was apparently a carcass, maybe elk. A grizzly and several wolves were there for the feast. I watched the grizzly running away with maybe a haunch. The wolves were there too at the top of a ridge. I had my telescopic lens on the camera. I took a couple photos then got back in Bill’s truck, thinking the excitement was over. It wasn’t. So i jumped back out with the camera to see what I could get photos of. (Note to self: buy a new lens with more power.) We were there for an hour observing and taking photos. Anyway, here’s what I captured.

Here’s the watering hole through my telephoto lens. The wolves are there, but too small to see.


Unfortunately, when I got out of the truck the second time, I apparently accidentally bumped my camera into manual mode. So instead of pictures of wolves and grizzly, I have dozens of photos like this.

I felt that since I had taken RAW images which are lossless, I could finesse the image to reveal the wolves. I did get one to show up:

Processed image to make wolf visible.

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