Carl Henning

Train Ride

The Texas Transportation Museum in San Antonio is mostly about trains. We visited between shuttling Mark between baseball venues. One of those trips involved a pleasant conversation with a police officer. (Pleasant because I got off with a warning.) A train ride is included with the price of admission, but the train only travels 1/3 of a mile. They’ve been donated an additional two miles of track, but the volunteers have not had the chance to lay it yet.

There were more trains in Georgia, Trains, Trains, and More Trains, but this stop provided some interesting tidbits.

2 thoughts on “Train Ride

  1. Dean Gray

    The sign for Standard Railroad Gauge contains a metric equivalent in parentheses (1.44 mm) that seems out of place. Perhaps it should read 1.44 metres instead. (This coming from a forced metric convert.)

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