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There’s an App for That

There are some apps for my iPhone that are indispensable for automobile travel. Apple or Google Maps is a good start, but what about when you travel away from cell service? MAPS.ME is the answer. It’s free and you can download the states you need. I downloaded the whole USA (while on Wi-Fi); I’m optimistic about future travels.

iExit will tell you the food and gas available at Interstate exits; it tells which side of the highway and how far from the exit. It also gives the location of rest areas.

Gas Buddy provides gas prices and locations. iExit provides gas prices at exits.

Best Parking is great for in the city. It provides parking locations and rates.

Roadtrippers will show you things to see along your route including off-beat attractions. It also shows hotels, restaurants, and more. You can select what things you want to see.

History Here shows local historical sights.

I use the Weather Channel app to check what storms we’re driving into.

I have the AAA app for car trouble although it has some travel info, too.

My auto insurer provides an app. It can be used for accident reporting. Fortunately, I have not needed to use it.

How high am I? In altitude, that is. Altimeter provides altitude and GPS coordinates.

TripAdvisor has too many ads for my taste, but I use it occasionally.

For the National Parks, REI provides a National Parks app that emphasizes hiking trails with descriptions, difficulty, and maps. Some national parks offer their own apps; Grand Tetons and Yellowstone do. Check the park’s website for a link.

All of the above are free, but there is one series of pay apps that I heartily recommend: GyPSy Guide. They are available for many parks and drives. We’ve used them in Maui, Arches, the Florida Keys, and Grand Teton/Yellowstone. It’s really like having a tour guide in your car. It plays through our Bluetooth-connected radio in the car, keyed off the GPS and the direction you’re driving. It does not require a cell connection, but you will want to power your phone while driving.

Do you have an indispensable app? Please tell us in the Comments section.

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