Carl Henning

Stuckey’s and Buc-ees

One of my recommended travel apps (There’s an App for That) let us down this last trip: iExit. It found a Stuckey’s for gas and snacks, but missed Buc-ees. And there are dozens of Buc-ees, mostly in Texas. Buc-ees is like a truck stop that does not allow trucks. Inexpensive gas and a convenience store that’s more of a supermarket for stuff. Stuff like lunch, sugared nuts, all kinds of candy, crawfish cleaners, trail cameras, and more. The restrooms are palacious. See their website.

Stuckey’s is a long-existing chain of roadside convenience stores. They’re not nearly as numerous as they once were. But when we needed gas, iExit found us one. It had a Dairy Queen. And old time candy. The old time candy gave me a good chuckle.

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