Carl Henning

Same Old Thing

Sometimes I get obsessed with one thing; or in this case, The Thing. It seems like we stop there every time we take !10 towards Houston (and back). And, yes, just coincidentally, there is a Dairy Queen there…

This trip we also were fascinated by the yucca along the road and tonight I discovered that a Joshua Tree is a type of yucca. (Apparently, I’m easily amused.) Most of the yucca photos taken from the car were blurry; go figure.

In addition to the signs in the photos below, there were some other interesting ones that i did not get pictures of: Visibility Limited When Flashing. Somehow I think I would not need flashing lights to tell me I couldn’t see far ahead. And in a Love’s truck stop, IRS & GIFTS. Struck me as funny, but it was just that the S-O-U-V-E-N was covered up by gifts and souvenirs, magnetic ones.

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