Carl Henning

Oh Galveston Miscellany

One of the many things to see in Galveston was the Tall Ship, Elissa. The tour described the sailors fear of transporting bananas. Yes, bananas. Many sailors died when ships carried them. Turns out there is a deadly spider that lives with, and sometimes in, bananas. Elissa safely carried her banana cargo without injury.

Speaking of the sea, this waterfront memorial praises the navy of the Republic of Texas.

The area is a birder’s paradise. We often saw brown pelicans fly overhead in line. This grouping is often called a squadron of pelicans.

At Seawolf Park (home of the naval museum), we found Zeke, one of the “turtles about town.” They are there to raise awareness of Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles, who make their home along the Texas coast.

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