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No, not that Madrid (i.e., not the one in Spain). This one is in New Mexico and it’s pronounced MAD-rid. Boomed on coal mining; busted when railroads switched to diesel. Became a ghost town. Then the hippies moved in. Then the artists. Now even some families. Current population: 225; down from multiple thousands. We tried to stop here a couple days ago, but the town was over capacity with the Fourth of July parade. Today we made it a destination as we traveled down The Turquoise Trail again.

We made two stops: the Coal Mine Museum and Jezebel’s Ice Cream Parlor (for the thickest, chocolatiest milkshake I’ve ever rejoiced in).

5 thoughts on “Madrid

  1. Volker G

    Coming to Madrid, you have to have a beer at the “Mine Shaft Tavern”, listing to the good music out there!

  2. Carl Henning Post author

    We were there in the morning so missed music and beer. But the advice to visit Jezebel’s Ice Cream Parlor was sound.

    Volker, have we met in person?

    1. volker


      many times. Hannover, Nürnberg, … your previous life. Well, assuming you are the one Carl Henning who knows all those trade shows at those places 🙂

      My buddies in Albuquerque introduced me to Madrid, NM.

      Greetings from Germany,


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