Carl Henning

Layland Museum

There is a lot to do in Cleburne, Texas. Like see its history in the Layland Museum. It’s housed in the former Carnegie Library. Interesting history of the building: Andrew Carnegie donated funds for the library (and over 2,500 others). It was the town’s library from 1905 until 1978 when it moved to a new location. The museum grew from a collection of artifacts donated by local businessman William J. Layland and originally housed in the library’s third-floor theater.

I was enamored of the gun collection, the artifacts from early Indian occupation, and the amazing architectural detail like the staircase.

In the displayed music room is an Edison Diamond-Disk phonograph from 1919. Hand wound, playing 2-minute-long records. I was fascinated by this, thinking how the technology has advanced. I recently bought a USB connected phonograph to rip my old LPs.

And here is a mock up of the baby’s room. Thought of this because we have a new baby, a great granddaughter.

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