Carl Henning

Fort Tejon

Finished the drive to Alex’ with our load of furniture, but stopped at Fort Tejon State Historical Park along the way. it was one of the few things that the History Here iPhone app suggested that was on our way up from LA. We purposefully skipped California’s first successful oil well.

An observation about the drive: Massachusetts drivers will pull into your lane on the freeway if there is a car length between you and the car ahead. In California, they don’t wait for a whole car length. Two turn signal blinks and look out, here they come. My default reaction to needing to brake requires the use of the horn simultaneously. Only happened a couple times this trip.

Anyway, while we were at the Fort I took some photos of course. And we ran into a ranger taking photos as well. Turns out she updates the Fort Tejon Facebook page. She was looking for woodpeckers; I was looking for history.

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