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Even More Apps for Travel

The second vaccine is in the arm and more travel is in the offing. So I’ve been refreshing my travel apps suitability (and found more). Start with the original apps post, There’s an App for That… and a Website… and Hardware. Then here are some new ones.

I discovered a National Parks app. It’s called National Park Service. It provides a good introduction to each National Park, National Monument, etc. You won’t get details, that’s what is for. And GyPSy Guides*. But the app will give you advisories. For example, today Grand Canyon National Park in the app showed that the east entrance is closed because it is on the hard-hit Navajo reservation. This is actually the entrance we prefer so the advisory would have been key if we were headed there today. (For hikes in the parks there is an app called National Parks or National Park Trail Guide*.)

This next app may become less needed as lockdowns ease: Flush. It seems to be more comprehensive locating public toilets than its competitors. But iExit* includes Rest Areas and facilities at each interstate highway exit, too.

I added a link to another travel website to my iPhone: I enjoy the road less traveled and the sight less seen. I’m hoping this will compliment Roadtrippers*.

*see the post There’s an App for That… and a Website… and Hardware for details.

One thought on “Even More Apps for Travel

  1. Pam

    Thanks, Carl! This (and That, too) is excellent! Al and I are planning a trip for late this summer…Acadia National Park! I now have both national parks apps.

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