Carl Henning

Bodie’s Ghosts

At the Mono Lake Visitor Center was literature on Bodie, California, a ghost town preserved by California State Parks as Bodie State Historic Park. I’m a sucker for ghost towns, especially if it’s accessible by 10 miles of nice paved road followed by three miles of washboard gravel.

Here’s a look around town:

Only 10% of the town remains. The big fire in 1932 destroyed the rest. Being past its heyday, they did not rebuild. A not-very-good Western movie was filmed in Bodie in 1929 (Hell’s Heroes), so you can see a little more of how the town used to look:

From Bodie we headed to Death Valley and through to the Motel 6 in Beatty, NV, with a stop in Lee Vining for lunch at Nicely’s (review: meh). First stay at a Motel 6 in a long time and it was very positive. Ok, it’s not a Marriott, but the room was clean and basic. No hair dryer, no free breakfast, and Wi-Fi would have been $5 extra. For under $70 it was a good value.

But wait, there was more to Bodie. Next post will be all about the stamp mill and how it was powered. I’m sure you can’t wait.

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