Carl Henning

Deer Bearizona

Just east of Williams at the gateway to the Grand Canyon (at least the road north to the canyon starts there) is Bearizona. An early morning start as soon as they open at 8:00am finds the animals more active than later in the morning. Bearizona begins with a drive through various compounds where you find mountain goats, deer, big horn sheep, and, of course, bears. After the drive there is a walk through area to see other, smaller animals up close… like bear cubs.

In the Bearizona gift shop is a huge model train layout, including models at the Grand Canyon:

Click photo to enlarge and start slideshow.

After leaving Bearizona, Jack decided he needed to go to the bathroom… right after I got on the Interstate. So we stopped at the Grand Canyon Deer Park just down the highway – a $34 bathroom break. But, actually, there was plenty to see at the deer park:

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