Carl Henning

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. No, really. very cold. And this made for an unpleasant return trip with sights closed or too cold to stop at. The GPS said the fastest return home was east on I90 in Washington over Snoqualmie Pass. I thought that might be a problem even though it’s only at 3,015 feet. So instead we took a slightly slower route (by 20 minutes) through Oregon and Nevada. And wound up going through 7600 feet outside Austin, NV. In a blizzard. With icy roads. But to get there we had to go through other passes. Two of which said “chains required.” I do carry chains, but the road was bare so I never put the chains on.

I would have liked to stop at a couple museums in Tonopah and Goldfield, NV. Or gotten closer to “The Big Dune” in the Amargosa Valley. Maybe next trip. We went through Las Vegas where we had no desire to stop. (Ok, we stopped… at a Wendy’s for lunch.)

On the way to Washington, we listened to Christmas Carols and ate Peanut Brittle. On the return it was rock n roll and Christmas Cookies, mostly Buckeyes. Actually, maybe The Lettermen aren’t considered rock n roll… just old.

Closest we came to a museum was the display in the vault off the lobby of the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah. An assayer’s kit was one of the displays.

Now planning the next trip which starts soon.

Oh, by the way, we attended an ugly Christmas sweater party in Washington. Instead of ugly sweaters (repeating INSTEAD OF), we donned the sweaters we bought each other for our first Christmas together (in 1964). Mine kind of still fits.

My favorite grand-dog, Rocky, photo bombed us.

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