Carl Henning

Aztec Ruins National Monument

I am fascinated by the original residents of North America. So stopping at one more Indian ruins national monument was completely normal. (My wife probably disagrees about the “normal” part.)  The Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico, a World Heritage Site, was one of the stops this trip.

Known for its five kivas, these ruins are connected to the much larger ruins at Chaco Canyon by trade and culture. Kivas are thought to be spiritual centers. Although at other sites it was thought that the kivas were used to play ball since balls have been found within. Of course, playing ball can be spiritual!

The first archeologist to work at Aztec was Earl Morris in 1916. He built what is now the visitor center as his home in 1920 using material from the ruins. He stabilized some of the rooms and started rehabilitation of the great kiva. The site became a national monument 100 years ago.

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