Carl Henning


Yesterday we were in the park by 6:30am and took our time listening to GyPSy Guide narration, stopping to take pictures. So by the time we got far into the park, it was already crowded. And the road to Delicate Arch, the iconic arch of the park and the state of Utah, was washed out.

So we decided to enter the park even earlier today, 5:20am! We skipped the hotel breakfast, munched cookies along the way, and were the first to the Delicate Arch overlook. The road was opened overnight. It hadn’t really washed out, but the washes filled with sand preventing cars from getting through. There are two overlooks – one a 100-yard level trail, the other a half-mile not-even-close-to-level trail. Kay took the first one and I took the second. Kay got some great sunrise photos.

Some photos from our two days in the park; first up, scenery; then, arches:


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