Carl Henning

American Computer and Robotics Museum

Bozeman, Montana, a hot bed of technology. Down the street from the Museum of the Rockies is the American Computer and Robotics Museum. I asked at the welcome desk if they had my first computer on display. They did not, but they had one in the basement.

GENIAC was a digital, non-electronic computer. Brass staples clamped to the bottom side of rotating fiberboard disks set the programming. The program was advanced step-by-step by turning the disk. Output was a series of lights. The box included a white paper on Boolean logic. More at Wikipedia.

They did have on display my second digital computer (TRS-80) and my third (128k Mac). I no longer have these or some of my early work computers (e.g., a Compaq 2 clone). I still have seven other computers not including Windows CE computers and a Palm. I’ll bequeath all these to the future Carl Henning Memorial Computer Museum.

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