Carl Henning

Primitive Accommodations

I said in yesterday’s post (Yosemite) that our accommodations in the park were primitive. I should have used a marketing term like “old-fashioned” or “quaint.” I made the Wawona Hotel sound horrible and it was not really, just quaint. The lack of elevators was no treat for older guests, but we never turn on a TV, use the phone, or even the Wi-Fi. So we didn’t miss those. A little air conditioning would have been nice though.


We stayed in Yosemite National Park, although the accommodations were primitive (no elevator, no TV, no phone, and no Wi-Fi – except in the lobby). I took hundreds of photos, then in the last gift shop spotted the book How to Take Photographs in Yosemite.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon National Park is administered with Sequoia National Park and they abut. But the real first question is “Where’s the apostrophe?” I thought it should be King’s, but based on the Spanish translation I saw (cañón de reyes) it should be Kings’. Regardless, the apostrophe is missing in the official name. Well I’m glad that’s settled.