Carl Henning


Wolves and Grizzly

So here’s a funny story. We stopped in Yellowstone where a crowd had gathered with their binoculars and scopes. Bill had both binoculars and a scope. So we were able to see a watering hole where wolves had gathered and then gone up the hill. This was maybe 600-800 yards away. I saw two wolves through Bill’s scope. On the hillside there was apparently a carcass, maybe elk. A grizzly and several wolves were there for the feast. I watched the grizzly running away with maybe a haunch. The wolves were there too at the top of a ridge.

Great Falls

We stopped in to Great Falls, Wyoming to see some museums… and the Great Falls. The falls were an impediment to the Corps of Discovery as they explored the new Louisiana Purchase. (You probably know the Corps of Discovery as the Lewis and Clark Expedition.) The road to the falls had a sign that said the park was closed. It was, but we could still see the falls. With video.