Carl Henning


Deer Valley Petroglyphs

I categorized this post as “Travel” because we had to travel for 23 minutes from home to reach the Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve. It’s run by Arizona State University and preserves over 1500 petroglyphs. A petroglyph is an image formed by chipping away “desert varnish” that covers rocks. It’s not a hieroglyph which is a language. It’s not a petrograph which is painted on a rock surface.

Snowy Arizona

We returned to our old stomping grounds in Cave Creek where the public library provides a great panorama of the area. Today that panorama includes snow. Arizona actually gets a lot of snow, just not here in “The Valley of the Sun” (Phoenix and surroundings). Northern Arizona and eastern Arizona have ski areas with fairly long seasons. And the cliche is that you can water ski and snow ski on the same day.

The Thing is THE Thing

I have a certain fascination for The Thing, a roadside attraction since the 60’s. I’ve blogged about it frequently: The Thing. It used to be just a novelty that was worth a stop on your trip down Interstate 10 in southeastern Arizona. But now… now, it’s a destination! The new museum adds a tremendous backstory for The Thing. The museum used to a 50-cent tour through unheated pole buildings featuring old stuff – cars, and farm equipment. Now it’s a beautifully done $5-tour ($4 with senior discount).

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. No, really. very cold. And this made for an unpleasant return trip with sights closed or too cold to stop at. The GPS said the fastest return home was east on I90 in Washington over Snoqualmie Pass. I thought that might be a problem even though it’s only at 3,015 feet. So instead we took a slightly slower route (by 20 minutes) through Oregon and Nevada. And wound up going through 7600 feet outside Austin, NV. In a blizzard. With icy roads.